MGM TMM 40063-3 for Race Boats X2-SERIES Speed Control
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MGM TMM 40063-3 for Race Boats X2-SERIES Speed Control


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    How do I keep my ESC cool? Proper airflow can significantly influence the controller's performance. If you expect airflow around the ESC, you might need to use just a heatsink. You can't go wrong by adding a fan which is the most popular option. If the ESC is in a closed application, we would definitely recommend water-cooling.
    What's right for my project? Axial capacitors and wires are recommended for RC boats or for applications with height restrictions. Radial design saves the length with capacitors pointing down alongside fans.
    How cross section influence current flow? You never go wrong with thicker wires. But diameter increases the weight which is not suitable for weight critical applications. Thinner wires and longer wires have higher resistance therefore it is important to choose a sufficient cross-section for less heat and higher efficiency. Please respect our default recommendations.
    What is the benefit? More wires allow higher current flow without the risk of overheating. Double battery cables are more flexible than single thick wires with the same or better current flow. Please pay attention to the requested number of wires for your motor.
    How to protect my ESC? We always recommend using external capacitors to protect your ESC from peak currents. If you want to prevent your battery or motor from overheating, please choose temperature sensors
    Do I need these? Using ESC and motor in sensored mode allows smoother startup (acceleration) and higher torque without losing synchronization. You need a suitable transmitter in order to receive real-time data from your ESC. We support Graupner HOTT, JETI and MZK radios.
    What are these for? By using the USBCOM5 and CC_11 you will be able to configure the ESC and read out the history of your runs which is really useful for finding the best settings for your RC Model.
    Which connectors should I buy? You need the anti-spark solution for safe connection of your batteries and also long life of your connectors. You can either choose connectors with integrated anti-spark (XT or QS connectors) or buy MPJET 1.8mm for the external anti-spark solution to use with bullet connectors. NOT GOOD SOLDERING? We got your back.
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basic parametrs
Max RPMs
Max. peak current (peak 5 sec.)
500 [ A ]
Max. continuous current (for full throttle)
400 [ A ]
Number of Li-Pol, Li-Ion feeding cells
4 – 15
Possibility of motor temperature measuring (motor protection)
Internal Data Logger (data recorder)

See “Specifications” for Controller details

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions16 × 4 × 4 in



Why should I buy this product?

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Premium Customer Service Exclusive
  • AwardWinning 32-BIT SYSTEM
  • Top Care and Engine Control
  • Unique System of Battery Care
  • Battery Long Life Mode
  • Precise Data Logging + Data Analysis
  • More Performance, Efficiency, Speed
  • Each Piece Tested – 100% Warranty
  • Unique Parameters and Options
  • Gold up to 8-Layer PCBs, 105um
  • MGM COMPRO Industrial Technology
  • Made Using Top Technologies

Product parametrs

Empty batt. behaviour – instant motor cut-offYes
Setting of the range of neutral zoneYes
Possibility of switching reversible controller into “one-way” modeYes
Reversible controller (both-way mode)Yes
Bidirectional “both-way” modeYes
ACL – Automatic Current LimitingYes
ACR – Automatic Current ReduceYes
Temperature fuse of the controllerYes
Current fuse of the controllerYes
False-start protectionYes
Masking of interferenceYes
Software reversal of rotationYes
Empty batt. behaviour – motor power reductionYes
Adjustable deceleration speedYes
Adjustable acceleration speedYes
External signalization of important statesYes
Possibility of connecting plane position lights and flashing lightsYes
Active free-wheeling circuit ON / OFFYes
Possibility of automatic setting of throttle limitsYes
Possibility of manually set timingYes
Automatically set timingYes
Manually set type of cellsYes
Possibility of manually set number of cellsYes
Possibility of automatic setting of cut off voltageYes
Possibility of setting switching off voltageYes
Possibility of setting an amount of residual energy for BECNo
Possibility of setting the voltage of BECNo
Possibility of very powerful switching BECsNo
Possibility of setting current limitsYes
Possibility of setting RPM limitsYes
Possibility of motor temperature measuringYes
Possibility of cells temperature measuringYes
Outstanding cells managementYes
Very high resistance against overloadingYes
Plug and Play (functional immediately without the need for additional programming)Yes
ICS-2 connector – super-fast PC connection linkYes
Programming using PCYes
Reading-out of data from the controller using PCYes
Software updates available through internetYes
Telemetry (back data transfer)Yes
Real-time Monitoring (PC or other device)No
Internal Data Logger (data recorder)Yes
Possibility of design with ON/OFF switch (connected safely)Yes
Possibility of WR version (full protection against water)Yes
Possibility of WP version (increased protection against water)Yes
Possibility of design with external heatsinks + FANYes
Possibility of design with water-cooled heatsinksYes
Possibility of design with external heatsinksYes
Length of the servocable190 [ mm ]
Servocable cross-section0.25 [ mm2 ]
Length of the power conductorssee guide [ mm ]
Power conductors cross-section to batt. / to mot.see guide [ mm2 ]
Weight incl. all conductorssee guide [ gram ]
Weight without power conductors460 [ gram ]
Dimensions with external capacitorsee guide [ mm ]
Dimensionssee guide [ mm ]
Max RPMs250.000
On-state switch (FETs) resistance at 25 °C2 × 0.53 [ mW ]
Motor PWM frequency8 – 32 [ kHz ]
Number of regulation steps2048
BEC short circuit protectionNo
Max. BEC current at 25 °CNo
Switching HV-BEC voltageNo
Switching S-BEC voltageNo
Available BEC / OPTO versionsOPTO
Max. peak current (peak 5 sec.)500 [ A ]
Max. continuous current (for full throttle)400 [ A ]
Operating voltage12 – 63 [ V ]
Compatible with all types of feeding cellsYes
Number of A123 feeding cells5 – 17
Number of NiCd, NiMh feeding cells15 – 44
Number of Li-Pol, Li-Ion feeding cells4 – 15
“One-way” modeYes
Possibility of setting current limitsYes
Possibility of setting RPM limits (motor protection)Yes
Possibility of motor temperature measuring (motor protection)Yes
Possibility of cells temperature measuring (cells protection)Yes
4 Memory BanksYes
Automatic Sensor SettingYes
Possibility of operation also with sensors motorsYes
Real-time Monitoring (PC or other device)No
Telemetry (real-time back data transfer)Yes
Internal Data Logger (data recorder)Yes


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