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We have developed for you a very wide range of MGM ESCs perfectly suitable for your Powerboat. Not just technical features but also a very nice carbon design of our controllers surely amaze you!
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MGM Controllers can deal with high continuous current up to 800A. To give a job to our controllers you can use up to 15 cells LiPol/Li-Ion batteries to get more power (up to unbelievable 35 kW!) and speed out of your Powerboat. This hardly finds a competitor!

More parameters & features:

Outstanding quality – up to 5 years warranty!
Each piece goes through series of complex tests before shipment
Professional Data Logger (data recorder) – precise data logging + data analysis
Telemetry (real-time back data transfer) & Real-Time Monitoring Feature (PC)
Award-Winning 32-BIT SYSTEM
Gold up to 8-Layer PCBs, 105um
Unique system of care, control and protections for Engine and Batteries
Tools for optimal tuning of your setup
Plug and Go – “quick start” mode
Possibility to send data to MGM for detailed Analysis
MGM COMPRO Industrial Technology
Designed, developed and manufactured in Europe
MGM ESCs fit all scales of boats! They were thoroughly tested on the most brutal models you can imagine so the unique quality is ensured. Our controllers are developed for 2-100 pole engines and have a sophisticated system of internal protections. A very handy device for precise tuning of the engine is surely phase current measurement, which is totally crucial for getting the top setup of your Powerboat. Along with precise data logging you have tools to easily stand out from the crowd!

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