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MGM “Push the Limit”

Hey guys!

We have interviewed Luc Jalbert who has built 20,000 USD RC car with our ESCs. Below you will find out how long the whole project took to build, what is the purpose and also some videos from the run.
Luc, how did you come up with the idea of making such a vehicle?I am an Automation Engineer, I like to create products that stand out from the competition. The Bourdon™ project is a good example. Bourdon is the French name for a bumblebee. The link between the project and a bumblebee are the colors yellow & black!
Have you made everything by yourself? How much it cost you?I performed mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. Most of the mechanical parts were made by my company Alva which offers 3D printing services. For example, the suspension arms are printed in nylon and continuous carbon fiber which allows it to be stiff and light.

The rubber tracks were manufactured in-house. The machined and laser-cut parts were manufactured externally…
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